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Forum Theatre on Gender Bias at a Mars Production Unit

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Playback Theatre on Intergenerational Wisdom at Nishith Desai Associates(Corporate Law Firm)

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Brunch Talks Performance at Givaudan India


About Brunch Talks:
Brunch Talks is an immersive performance piece in the context of unconscious biases we have at the workspace and in general.
The performers are two senior professionals (one male and one female) who are on the
 threshold of exploration, that of a new form of imaginary office.
This speculation actually questions the Unconscious biases and their dimensions in our daily practices at work and in life. The performance sometimes is not a theatre piece, but it is the reality and the very next moment imagination. While creating these new set of things, they try to describe their own practices and culture of the organization as well as reflect on those practices, behaviours, and culture.
The performance uses, poetry, Storytelling, performance art, letter reading, and digital media to ask pertinent questions about the limits of organizational structure and the role of art in our workspace and society.
The performance also tries to see the possibility of nurturing and valuing individual values with larger organizational structural support.
A participatory performance with an immersive experience prods the audience to reflect, dip into the here and now, action and question.
The performances will have three major narratives. The narratives will have pauses in between wherein the facilitator will question or invite the participants to share their thoughts, ideas, or opinions to create an equal dialoguing opportunity for stakeholders involved.
The narratives will be co-decided keeping the relevance to the organization's culture and the vision of this event

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