About Us

An Applied Theatre Organization

Rangbhumi's vision is to spread joyousness, power of expression, compassion & a sense of equivalence among people through Applied Theatre Based facilitation. We work in the area of Applied Theatre with children, youths and adults.

Rangbhumi was founded with a vision of spreading joyousness, abundance,power of expression, compassion, love and a sense of equivalence amongst people. Hence, the name Rangbhumi: a happy playground. A learning space
wherein we employ approach of happy and varied colours of arts and performing art forms like Drama for Learning, Theater of Oppressed, Dance Movement Therapy, Playback Theater and Image Management.

Arts-based training can be defined as human development training, delivered through various arts disciplines to develop trust, find shared values and shift perceptions.

As an organisation, we believe passionately in the power of art forms and the wondrous ability they carry for a personal transformation thereby leading to a community and societal shift in the humanism of everyday living.


Drama for Learning
Theater of the Oppressed
Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
Movement Therapy
Story Telling
Playback Theater
Narratives and Movement
Life Coaching
Image Management
Creating Possibilities
Community Building
Importance of unlearning and relearning
Voice Projection
Gender sensitivity
Internal Journey through group meditation
Image management